The most advanced software solutions for
Data Decoding and Analysis


CODE300-32 is designed to work with your existing equipment any special hardware are required, just connect your audio line output from your receiver to the input of the sound card of your pc. CODE300-32 provides all functions required to analyze, decode and process radio data communications throughout the spectrum vLF, HF, V/uHF and SHF.

CODE300-32 is a software based demodulator, decoder, an analyzer which runs under all actual Microsoft Windows operating systems, W98, Windows 2000, NT4, Windows ME, Windows XP, Window 7 (32 and 64 bit).

CODE300-32 continues our long experience with data decoders and anlyzer, Our company has more than 25 years of experience in this field.
The good old DOS decoder CODE3 was the beginning of it.

Cdode300-32 standard version

Standard Version

◆ Real Multitasking: open as many decoding modules and tools as
     necessary at the same time.

◆ No Hardware required: you only need the sound card of your pc,
     nothing more!

◆ Multi-Channel:use both channels L and R of any sound device to
     enable completely independent decoding from two different audio

◆ Hard disk Recording: simultaneously with any decoding module.
◆ Automatic Audio Recording: with 'Graphical Squelch'
◆ Operating systems supported: Windows 98, Windows Me,
     Windows 2000, Windos XP, Windows 7 (32 and 64Bit) 

◆ Fully Remote controllable by TCPIP: via Intra- and Inter Net.
     Up to 256 decoders controllable from one place.

◆ Buffered input: all incoming raw data is stored in a BIT-BUFFER.
     With the bit-buffer it is possible to “review” what a signal did as far
     back in time

◆ Felexible solution: due to the software-only solution, any notebook
     with a sound input becomes a super decoder analyzer.

Extended Version

The Extended version offers the same modes and tools as the standard version, plus some important additional features:

◆ Codan Package: Codan 9001/3012 Data, Codan Chirp selcall, Codan
     binary converter
◆ Up to 20 modes twice: you can start completely independent many
     decoding module two times
◆ Up to 8 different decoders: can run on left or right input.
◆ Start the extended version "twice": you have an 4 channel input decoder
     / analyzer (a second sound device is necessary)
◆ Optional Mode : available as option for CODE300-32 Extened
     PACTOR I, II, III, Clover II, and Clover 2000

In this way your PC becomes a super decoder analyzer with up 20 decoding modes running at the same time! Production work is made easy and cheaper as never before! Automatic Audio recording with graphical squelch, automatic text search facilities, whatever a professional user is looking for, it is included here. Audio input by LAN for two channels, with a completely free choice of the sampling frequency allows full integration of this version into larger systems and direct connection to digital wideband receivers without the need of re-sampling. All functions and tools are remote controllable by TCP/IP.

Code300-32 Extended allows the running of two sessions of the program at the same time. This means that with two audio cards the system can handle up to 4 audio channels simultaneously: One could have two receivers, one into the Right (R) channel and the other into the Left (L) channel of the LINE IN input socket of the first audio card and the same configuration for the second audio card.

Cdode300-32 extended version

Configuration with two standard sound cards eg 2 PCI or PCIe sound card or a "on board" sound normaly included in all PC plus one PCI or PICe sound card

Cdode300-32 extended version

Configuration with a single 4-channel sound card eg M-Audio Delta 44


Adds unique functions to a decoder !

Hoka Electronic has integrated the complete SDR software part into our well known data analyzer decoder CODE300-32. That means CODE300-32 P controls the receiver, has its own databases,own demodulators etc. Tuning, scanning, memories, everything is done by CODE300-32 P. In fact we are handling a SDR like a normal sound device, only the sampling speed is different. Our own receiver GUI will not replace the original supplied GUI, but makes handling especially on data transmissions much easier.

Hoka has integrated one of the most common SDR's, the Microtelecom Perseus SDR HF Receiver Of course the decoder analyzer can be used in normal way without SDR, with signal input by audio device (also all Virtual Devices), LAN or direct wav input for on- and offline analysis. All functions are available by remote control of course.


Our CODE300-32P with Perseus control is available now in a 'light' version as CODE3-32P !

This is an ideal entry level solution ! Excellent for hobbies, but also for professional use with little workload. For a very affordable price you can have a real professional decoder with full control and managment of Perseus SDR, you don't need any audio connection just your pc, Perseus connected to usb and your antenna ! This solution include an actual Utility database, and more than 100 decoding modes!