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TriaSys Technologies is a provider of innovative signal processing solutions for use in Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare applications. TriaSys provides individual software products, integrated systems and custom software engineering to support its customers' requirements. TriaSys product lines include signal processing software and signal collection systems, tactical RF Electronic Support systems, as well as wireless infrastructure systems for use in cellular test beds. With offices in Massachusetts and Maryland, along with domestic and international sales representatives, TriaSys works closely with its customers to provide long-term solutions and on-site service and support.

Signal Analysis Solution for Windows and Linux Platforms

◆ Analysis and breakdown of unknown signals
◆ Analysis of carrier, symbol rate, and modulation type
◆ Bit stream analysis, including frame detection
◆ Forward error correction (FEC) encoding and decoding
     (Viterbi and Reed Solomon)
◆ Supports standard (E1,T1, etc) and non-standard framing
     (arbitrary, system specific)
◆ Bit to text display capability for teleprinter signals
◆ Interference, distortion and multipath analysis
◆ Demodulation with adaptive equalization
◆ Powerful, diverse bit processing capabilities
◆ Interleaving and deinterleaving (rectangular and convolutional)
◆ Multiplexing and demultiplexing (TDM and FDM)
◆ Simulate modulated signals
◆ Easy point-and-click operation; no scripting
◆ Keyboard shortcuts for playback control from any window
◆ Windows and Linux support)
◆ Flexible Report Generation

The SIGNALWORKS® 4 package of signal processing tools features highly specialized algorithms that are fully implemented and integrated for advanced signals analysis. SIGNALWORKS requires no programming or scripting. Coupled with input digitizing, the SIGNALWORKS package offers signal analysts a friendly alternative to the digital oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, demodulators, and other specialized signal analysis hardware.

New with SIGNALWORKS is the ability to analyze randomized signals for overhead removal, justification and control bits, with demultiplexing capability along with interleaving and tributary definition. SIGNALWORKS® processing is compatible with the 7500TR real time TDM communications demodulator, and facilitates integrated analysis and processing of non-standard bit framing with overhead, justification, and control bit identification and removal.

SignalWorks 4 now has comprehensive Forward Error Correction (FEC) encoding/decoding capabilities including Reed Solomon and Viterbi convolutional codes. Reed Solomon block coding is fully programmable using any size block codes. Viterbi convolutional encoding and decoding is also fully configurable including the code generating polynomial, punctured codes; and includes all standard rates such as 1/3, 2/3, 3/4, and 7/8.

Powerful Graphics and User Interfaces:
◆ Time- (oscilloscope) and frequency- (spectrum analyzer) domain displays
     of raw, intermediate, and processed signal data
◆ Graphical selection of filters by click and drag in a spectrum/waterfall display
      - saves time and eliminates errors
◆ Intuitive GUIs make processing control an easy task for the analyst
◆ Display data in point, line, and falling raster modes

High-Speed, High Resolution, Compact IF Data
Acquisition System

◆ Accepts IF signal input from 10 KHz to 300 MHz
◆ Up to 105 MHz signal collection bandwidth
◆ Deep 4 GByte snapshot/buffer memory
◆ Direct integration with SIGNALWORKS®
◆ Compact, rugged, portable packaging
◆ Open interface specification, with universal software for Windows,
     Solaris, and Linux
◆ 12-bit high resolution digitizer with 210 MHz maximum sampling rate
◆ High speed USB-2 Interface for fast signal downloads or streaming
◆ Circular buffer for easy collection of hopping or burst signals
◆ Internal digital tuner for up to 5 MHz collection bandwidth
◆ Network TCP/IP interface for local or remote operation
◆ DC operation, or "universal" AC power supply

General Description

SigDigIII™ is a high-resolution, high-speed data acquisition system specifically tailored for digitizing radio IF signals - a complete stand-alone system with a network interface.

The SigDigIII™ incorporates all the features that have made the SigDig line popular, such as deep memory, built in sampling clocks, combined wide band and narrow band capability, signal playback, and network connectivity. This newest generation provides 105MHz of bandwidth, 12-bit A/D resolution and a high speed USB 2.0 serial interface.

The compact size and ruggedness of the SigDigIII™ make it ideal for tactical and mobile surveillance applications. SigDigIII™ is housed in a compact, rugged, extruded-metal case, and is powered by DC or any worldwide AC source. Since it can be remotely accessed over any TCP/IP network, the digitizer can be deployed in a "leave-behind" scenario. As a companion to a laptop computer, it is the ultimate portable signal collection and analysis station.

Ease of use is a hallmark of Signami Digitizers. Whether using the universal cross platform software, the premier SignalWorks™ analysis software, or writing custom software to the open network interface, nothing beats the simplicity of the SigDigIII™.

Portable Signals Acquisition and Analysis System

◆ Widescreen Toughbook laptop running Windows 7
◆ Seamlessly integrates SigDig digitizer and SignalWorks® signals
     analysis software
◆ Works with your antenna and receiver to cover communications signals
     from HF to Microwave
◆ 20.45 seconds snapshots at 210 MHz sample rate (maximum bandwidth);
     longer times at lower rates
◆ Real-time continuous collection and demodulation of supported narrow
     band signals - produces readable text for selected formats
◆ Entire system weighs just under 30 lbs
◆ Includes transit case with handle and wheels for easy transport
◆ Powered by 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, or DC
Arbitrary Waveform RF Signal Generator with Collection, Analysis, and Synthesis Capability

◆ Wideband signal generation: Up to 100 MHz (210 MHz sample rate)
     baseband output, or upconvert a 25 MHz (30 MHz optional) bandwidth
     signal to RF
◆ Wide RF coverage: HF through UHF Bands up to 3 GHz
◆ Deep Memory: 4 GBytes signal memory, for up to 50 seconds storage
     and playback of a 25 MHz bandwidth signal waveform
◆ Create complex simulated signals using SignalWorks® SignalGen
     application - or use your own application
◆ Capture snapshots directly off-the-air, then play them back at any RF
     up to 3 GHz
◆ Powerful signal capture and analysis capability is included
◆ Portable, housed in carry-on sized transit case

TDM Communications Demodulator

◆ IF Inputs: 455kHz, 10.7, 21.4, 70, 140 and 160MHz
◆ Rates up to 50Mbits/sec or 25Msymbols/sec
◆ PSK, QAM, MSK, and FSK demodulation
◆ FEC: Viterbi, Reed/Solomon and Trellis decoding
◆ Self Synchronous and Additive PRN/LRS decoding
◆ Demultiplexing for levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 TDM
◆ Programmable PCM demultiplexing
◆ Stored library recall for signals of interest
◆ VGC audio output monitoring
◆ Three USB interface ports provided
◆ Built in translation for Pre-D record and play-back
◆ Dual removable hard drives
Signal Collection Server for Telecommunications Signals

◆ Bulk Signal Collection of Voice, Modem, Fax, ISDN, SS7, DCME, and
     GSM A-bis/TRAU signal types
◆ Automatically determines the signal type of every input in real-time
◆ Recording of Voice Channels and SMS/MMS messages carried over
     SS7 and GSM A-bis links

◆ All signals are labeled and sorted for bulk storage based on their signal type
◆ Includes management applications for file management, transcription,
     playback, and configuration
◆ The SCS is compatible with the WinDemod Application. This enables
     operators to demodulate, process and analyze any file stored on the SCS

31 Channel CCITT E1/T1
Voice Channel Audio Monitor Unit

◆ 31 Channels in a Single Unit
◆ Simultaneous VGC Audio Outputs
◆ Accepts TTL Data/Clock or HDB3
◆ 8 Bit A-LAW 2, 3, 4, and 5 bit decoding
◆ CVSD 1 through 8-Bit decoding
◆ 8-Bit Sign Magnitude decoding
◆ Programmable for Standard or Non-Standard PCM formats
◆ PCM Bit Rate 56Kb/sec to 8Mbps
◆ Self Synchronous up to 32 Taps Additive
◆ PRN Decoding up to 32 Taps with Present Insertion
◆ Bit Decoding for NRZ-L, NRZ-M, NRZ-S with Data Inversion Selectable
◆ VGC decoding for 1 through 8 bit algorithm
◆ 1016 Bit Frame in an 8 Mbps channel
◆ Library recall for Primary/Special format file
◆ Daisy-chain multiple units for greater channel handling capacity
◆ Windows® remote control with Ethernet interface
◆ Self-Test BITE mode
◆ Standard 19" rack mount
◆ 110/220 Universal Power supply
FSK, VFT, Modem and Fax Demodulation Software

WinDemod is a standalone software package that performs demodulation, demultiplexing, bit stream synchronization and back-end processing for commercially available voice grade modem (PSK/QAM) and voice frequency telegraphy (FSK/VFT) signals, as well as, complete Group 3 FAX processing.

This application is a powerful tool for processing and analyzing voice grade channel signals. Signals can automatically be processed or an operator can control individual signal parameters including modem type, rate, multiplexing format and coding. WinDemod is also capable of displaying real-time and collected constellation, text, and fax data.

WinDemod is utilized in several of our system offerings for the purpose of processing and analyzing collected input signals.