Wideband recorders

英國 Avalon Electronics ELINT/COMINT 寬頻錄音系統

Avalon's Background and Experience in Disk Recording
Avalon 公司 在磁碟錄音上之背景及經驗


World's first 50 MHz SIGINT Disk Recorder (AE7000)
世界第一台50 MHz SIGINT 寬頻錄音機 (AE7000)

AE7000 enhancements including 2 -ch x 25 MHz (14-bit) wideband recording, E1/E3 and OC3 communications recording
AE7000功能提升, 包括2頻道25 MHz(14位元)寬頻錄音及
E1/E3及OC3通信傳輸介 面錄音

Compact 12 MHz SIGINT Disk Recorder (AE8200) offered as convenient replacement for legacy S-VHS tape recorders
輕巧型12 MHz SIGINT磁碟寬頻錄音機(AE8200)提供傳統S-VHS磁帶錄音機方便的替代方案

Bandwidth of AE8200 extended to 25 MHz (AE8225)
AE8200機種之頻寬擴充至 25 MHz.(AE-8225)

Built-in DSP-based IF/baseband conversion added (AE8200)
增加以DSP為基礎之內建中頻 /基頻轉換器 (AE-8200)

Series 2 AE8250 introduced, extending bandwidth to 50 MHz for both baseband (video) and IF recording at all standard IFs up to 160 MHz
AE8250第2序列發表.基 頻(video)及中頻錄音 的頻寬君擴充至50 MHz, 並可以提供高至160 MHz之所有標準中頻標準.

Series 8400 introduced, extending baseband recording to 100 MHz and IF recording to 160 MHz at 80 MHz BW.
8400系列發表. 擴充基頻錄音頻寬至100 MHz, 中頻(160 MHz)錄音頻寬至80 MHz.

AE8400 extended to provide single and four channel variants with flexible multi-mode (IF and baseband) operation and BW extended to 100 MHz.
擴充AE8400使其可提供單 一及4頻道機種並具備多模式 (中頻及基頻)操作, 並使頻寬擴充至100 MHz.

14-bit AE8250-MM60 introduced with 75 dBm input sensitivity and stat-of-the-art AGC.
14位元AE8250- MM60發表並提供75 dBm之輸入靈敏度及最先進之自動增益控制功能.

2-channel AE8250DC introduced (2 ch. x 25 MHz IF and/or baseband).  Aimed at IF telemetry applications.
2頻道AE8250發表(2頻 道 x 25 MHz 中頻及/或基頻), 著眼於中頻telemetry應用.

4-channel AE8250-12-4 introduced (4 ch. x 12.5 MHz baseband).  Aimed at baseband telemetry applications.
4頻道AE8250-12-4 發表(4頻道 x 12.5 MHz 基頻),著 眼於基頻 telemetry應用.

2 channel AE9000 introduced (2 ch. x 100 MHz),  Aimed at wideband SIGINT applications.
2頻道AE9200發表(2頻 道 x 100 MHz), 著眼於寬頻SIGINT應用.

Launch planned for 1 GHz IF recorder with 500 MHz BW and full range of Avalon standard features.
開展500 MHz頻寬之1 GHz中頻錄音機並使其具備Avalon公司之所有標準功能.